Rooted to fly – a Yoga & Breath retreat Nov. 11th – Nov 16th

For the tired backpacker or worker who needs a break
For the beginner yoga student who wants a healing practice
For lovers of nature and simplicity
For anyone who wants to treat themselves to a healing week!


– Morning and evening Breath and Yoga practice with Miriam
– Two delicious vegan or vegetarian meals daily and snacks
– Interactive group exercises to dive into the energetic realm of your practice
– Themed discussions and sharing circles
– Closing Cacao / Ecstatic Dance ceremony
– Free time to relax and integrate


The practice of yoga is the conscious union of body and breath. The focus of this retreat is all about the movement of the breath inside the body, and how proper alignment in each posture can enable a deeper understanding of what “prana” truly is. Developing a true yoga practice, is about listening to the body and finding the fine balance between Sthira and Sukha (strength and ease). We will invite these concepts into our daily yoga practice, ranging from energetic vinyasa flows to soothing yin and nidra yoga.


Breathing is the simplest tool that we all possess, and which is always available to us. During the course of this retreat, we will explore three breathing techniques that serve different purposes, ranging from calming the mind to energizing the heart!

WHY with Miriam?

With countless yoga retreats being offered all over, the connection you feel to your teacher is an important factor in feeling safe. Feeling safe enables the body and the mind to relax and feel at ease, open to receive. For this reason, I invite you to contact me, we can have a quick chat about the retreat, as well as your needs and expectations.

Hmm… OK, but WHO’s Miriam exactly?

Miriam Altounji is a yoga teacher, Tarot reader and reiki practitioner. For years and through many travels and trainings, Miriam developed her connection to the inner self: listening, watching, detaching, and practicing self-love. She transitioned from working in the film marketing industry to becoming a guide for others to truly embrace who they are, here and now. Miriam has acquired many tools over the years and is eager to share them or initiate you to find your own tools.

“My journey with yoga and breathwork has been the most beneficial medicine in my life. In this retreat, I invite you to dive deep into the connection between movement, breath, and mind. No true teacher can claim to change your life, all I can do is share my practice and guide you into finding your own from a space of love and gratitude, that is my promise.”


COOL! What else can we do at Finca Pinguino farm?

– “Harvest yourself” | Guided Ecofarm tour and seasonal fruits & veggie workshop. (Includes snack) 5$US
– “Leave your mark” | Small EcoFarm tour and tree planting on the land. (Includes snack) 5$US
– “Horse ride like an Ecuadorian” | Guided horseback riding tour on Ecuadorian farm land until a refuge in the hills of Tabuchila. (Includes snack) – 30$US/tour (2 hours)

– Tarot reading with Miriam – 20$US
– Reiki Healing with Miriam – 20$US
– Thai massage with Miriam – 50$US

I invite you to check out our event page, learn more about the retreat leaders and weekly updates! I will be sharing more about my relationship to this very special place in the weeks leading up to the retreat!


Cost for double occupancy*:
– 599$US

Cost for double occupancy*:
– 659$US

*Payable in full to reserve spot
*No cancellation refunds – No exceptions

Housing options in YOGA SHALA:

2 X Private rooms with single bed: Single occupancy
1 X Double room with double bed: Double occupancy
1 X Shared room with 2 single beds: Double occupancy


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